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8 Advantages of PPC..


It's Instant!

Do you need results fast? Just started need to get trade instantly. PPC is your 1st and best solution! It is by far the quickest marketing campaign you could run to get trade in!

And not to forget it is targeted at your audience so it won't just be plastered everywhere but this will only help if its properly set up and optimised otherwise you could be throwing money away for no reason!

In short if you don't know how PPC works here's a quick run through:
Let's say you're a new business and you've got a website but you don’t have any visitors! Yes you could invest in SEO but you'd be waiting a year before you get any results! So turning to PPC would mean you have an Adwords account created ads set up and have it tuned to your audience and almost instantly you will be getting traffic from every person that clicks on your add! And you decide how much every click is worth to you!


Results you can Measure!

Often with marketing campaigns it's hard to measure the return on your advertising investment!

Well guess what! With PPC you can calculate every penny!! You can calculate how much each click costs, how much each generated lead costs, and how much a sale costs! And not forgetting you set your maximum budgets whether that be p/month, p/day or p/click!

Talking of numbers you can even get forecasts into how much traffic you could potentially get for your ads and their keywords! .


Unlike PPC, SEO investments can turn into losses!

Search Engines such as Google, Bing and whatever else there is often change there search algorithms quite often! So what does that mean?
What that means is we have seen people who have invested into SEO for months and months and paid dearly and then found out it went to complete waste as the method (Algorithm) that is used to rank you has changed!!

Further to that there are so many FAKE SEO guys out there who have watched some get rich quick webinars now offering "professional" SEO services for extortionate prices!
Often they make it a whole load harder for your page to rank as they buy you a few thousand back links from a guy sitting in asia with hundreds of bogus websites and bots to plaster your site everywhere & now you have 0.000000000001% chance of ranking anywhere.

However with PPC it's different! You're in control you are paying for every click and where you're Add ranks on the page! Yes on the RARE occasion policies change but you are notified about them then it's pretty simple to alter it nor has money gone to waste.


You get your desired audience!

Let me put it in short! You decide where and who you want your ads to be shown to whether it be between a certain time or speak a certain language, or even people that they are on their phones or their computers! On certain platforms such as Facebook you can go onto fine tune your audience very specifically e.g. people that like a certain food, sport or singer!

This allows you to put your Ads in front of the right people your products and services are in front of those that have shown interest in them unlike the traditional broad and generic campaign strategies!



A general rule of marketing is if a person sees a product/service 3 times they are more likely to purchase it!

Part 1 of most marketing strategies is building awareness getting your brand out there! So how do you do it? It's called impressions! You can pay for every thousand times your Ad is seen by people!

I think that sums it up! Those impressions may well and truly turn into leads too!  Building awareness is the foundation for branding and it's great for things like events, product launches, crowd fund marketing and new product advertising etc.


One man army's to large global companies!

If you're thinking PPC ain’t for me its for those larger companies you're completely wrong! We have worked with hundreds of small businesses that have one or two people at most usually those providing a service such as accountants, architects and builders, carpenters etc!

You can set your budget according to you! If you come to us we'll even advise you on how much it would roughly cost you to get the return you're looking for! But generally we would recommend having at least an $800 advertising budget p/month even for the smallest of you guys!


Go Local or Go International!

PPC allows you to target the local people around you whether that be in a 1km radius or a 25km radius! Or how about go international? PPC can help you do it from the comfort from your own city! At Auric Digital we have ppc executives that specialise in a bunch of different countries including the United States specifically California, New York & Texas as well as UAE and United Kingdom! You're probably wondering why we need people specialised for those areas? Well every region has it's own voice it's own tongue, it's own style of trust recognition if you cant communicate with them you're Ads are not going to get you half as many clicks as they possibly could!


Available on many platforms with various Ad formats!

PPC is not limited to Google! PPC can be found on platforms such Bing, Facebook, Twitter as well as many others and the rest of the others on the Google network such as maps and Youtube!

Throughout these platforms there are various types of ads available so you're not just limited to text ads you can post image ads, video ads even phone and messaging ads! You can reach your audience in a vast number of ways creating more opportunity for business!

Your PPC Campaign is Only as Good as how Finely Tuned it is!

Watching a few Youtube tutorials and doing it yourself could probably get you somewhere but not to the extent where you could be!  Here's a few reason to opt to go for a company that will optimise your campaign!

Experience matters! Yes you may have figured your way around the various PPC platforms but have you truly mastered what works and what doesn't in your industry! Aswell as that PPC executives have to go through rigorous days of training and sit a heap of exams every year to keep their knowledge up to date and remain certified! They are professionals in what they do!

Time! Do you really have the time to be sitting around playing with Adwords or Bing Ads for example for hours on end! Especially as you don’t have even half the experience it will take you twice as long!

Most people Opt for a service to either save time, money or both employing someone solely for PPC wont really be efficient either!

Copywriting! People do degrees and have careers in writing the perfect Ad. Using psychological trigger words and writing content that is unique as well as catering for your specific audience in their specific voice!

Value! How much do you value the amount of money you invest in your advertising budget? Do you have money to throw away? Because PPC done wrong can cause you to be just throwing your dollars down the drain! As a specialist agency in PPC we insure that we fine tune every campaign to the best of our abilities! Whatever the client's budget is!

It's pretty simple if you do well we do well!


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