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Social Media is this century's word of mouth! Now we all know how important that is! Social recognition drives sales in all industries. Statistically speaking in 2016 9/10 people said they now look businesses up on social media before visiting or trading with them, whether it be a restaurant or an accountant social recognition builds trust. Investing in social media management and/or marketing has many benefits such as:

Social Media management and marketing benefits
Increased Brand
Increased Brand
Increased Customer Relations
Potential to Reach Billions
Free Global

Why Use Us?

We are a professional social media management and marketing agency. Unlike most other marketing agencies that provide services such as content posting 1 to 3 times a week which is completely useless we don't take your money for something you could do yourself. We're all about growth, you winning, is us winning!


Social Media Growth is all about interacting and engaging with your audience however if you over do it, it can backfire on you and your social media accounts can be blocked as none of the major social media sites like the use of automated software e.g. Hootsuite and others most are banned to use.

Also nobody can guarantee you followers unless they are bots (artificial accounts)  thus we do not guarantee such things but we do set targets which we aim to achieve. What we can do however is advise you on how much you can expect to grow and what we have seen in the past.


Every Industry is different every audience is different & growth is dependent upon audience don't fall for the social media fraudsters out there that offer guarantees or opt amateurs that could possibly be cheaper. You're account will be at high risk of getting taken down!



For those who don't have time! Or want professional design we can do the following:

On each platform you will have a full custom page build out which will include all your information and artwork for all three (Cover Photo's, Profile Pictures, Backgrounds).

Logos will need to be provided and any media you wish us to use.

Social media page design enhances social media growth
Professional social media setup and page design

Once your pages are built, we will run them for you for the first week to help get you started and guide you through using and running them on a daily basis.
Professional design will enhance the effectiveness of social media management and marketing by increasing it's visual appeal!

You will also be provided with 100 bot's for each platform in the form of likes, follower or connections to help build a sense of reality/trust for your audience. (You can opt out of this too)

Professional Social Media page design

We design lot's of other things to!

Visit our Graphic Design Page here


Auric digital provides social media management and marketing for Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+ and Youtube

We provide our services on the following platforms!
Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube!

Services & Prices

Enterprise Solutions

Social Media content package
social media management package

Add Management

Guaranteed Social Growth

Guaranteed Social Reach

Guaranteed Web Traffic

Organic Growth Strategy

Social Endorsement's

Monthly Report






4 x Daily Engineered Posts

2 x SEO Optimised Blogs

30 Retouches

Professional Content Writers

Professional Media Sourcing





Pooled Posts, Reposting & News

Mentions &


Increased Organic Growth

Monthly Report





2 Networks


3 Networks


4 Networks








Social media growth package
Ultimate Social media management and marketing package


$385 P/Net
$514 P/m
$385 P/Net



2 Networks

3 Crafted Daily Posts

Ad Management 1 Network

Under £1500 P/Month

Organic Growth Strategy*



Twitter Package

10 -12 Posts P/Day

Ad Management

Under £1000

Organic Growth Strategy



Instagram Package

3-4 Posts P/Day

Ad Management

Under £1000

Organic Growth Strategy

small Business Solutions

$643 P/Month
$385 P/Month
$450 P/Month

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