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Unlike other methods PPC is the quickest and most measurable way to market!


What is PPC?

Pay Per Click better known a PPC is a form of paid internet marketing used on a variety of different platforms from search engines e.g. Google & Bing to social networks such as Facebook & Twitter! 

The concept of PPC is as simple as the name suggests you simply create an Ad and Pay Per Click, which is whatever the maximum bid amount you have set to get your click. Overtime PPC has grown and you can now even pay per 1000 impression e.g. how many people are shown your add and on some platforms even conversions (sales). 

As simple as it sounds a lot goes into building a PPC campaign and managing it as the online market is constantly changing.

Obviously this is just a summary if you'd like to learn more scroll down to our PPC blog where you will be able to learn lots on how to manage and understand your PPC campaign. and understand the importance of quality PPC management!

Google Adwords is usually where 80% of businesses focus their PPC campaign's on. It's based on the Google search network where you see ads at the top and bottom of search page and you make a bid per click or acquisition and depending upon that bid they place you somewhere among those ads.

With Google Adwords you can run campaigns on their various networks not just the search engine examples include Youtube, maps, in app advertisements and more!

Google Adwords is highly customisable and is an effective way of paid marketing where live performance can be monitored and optimised in real time!



Bing Ad's, Microsoft's equivalent ppc management platform. Although Google is pretty the most used search engine on the planet you would be surprised on how many people actually use Bing as well! And often you'd find cheaper cost per clicks on Bing!

Other players in the PPC world include Facebook & Twitter! When it comes to ppc on Facebook you can really narrow down your audience compared to other platforms. You can push Ad's to people who like specific pages, you could even push them to people who visit your competitors! For more information about social media marketing visit our social media page!


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Stats, analytics whatever you want to call them are everything in business! Google Analytics allows you to track your website online e.g. How many people visit your site a day, from which city, what type of device they were using, how they were connected to the internet, how long they spent on a page, how they found your website! Knowing all this can improve all your marketing campaigns drastically it will also allow you to track your progress online!
It's completely free to use and we recommend anyone that doesn't use it to start using it!  All you have to do is embed it in your website if you get a website with us this will already be done!

We are also certified in Google Analytics!


ppc ad copywriting

Ad Copywriting!
Yes this is a thing, and believe it or not we pay professionals to psychologically craft your PPC campaign Ad's to make them as effective as possible. Our PPC management service includes ongoing keyword searches aswell as competitor analysis which in turns means we will constantly be writing new Ad's.

ppc management report

Monthly Report!
At the end of every month we send you detailed monthly reports highlighting what's working and what's not what, your impressions, ctr's, etc and all in a format you will understand!

ppc optimisation

We offer a 24hr optimisation service on all our packages! We don't forget about the little guys! All optimisation is conducted by local in house professionals that understand your audiences and is then also overlooked by our senior ppc managers! We have in house programmers to write tailored adwords scripts we dont use the generic/basic optimisation tools.

Stats from ppc campaign

Data driven!
We don't just make wild tweeks to your campaign and run trials all our adjustments are made upon stats and observations recorded by our experienced PPC managers.

ppc campaign set up

Campaign Set up!
New to PPC? No problem! We can have you set up in no time! However small or large your campaign is we charge a reasonable fee which varies upon your requirements depending upon the plan you select we may even throw it in for free! Get in touch for more information.

Platforms we use...

Google Adwords Linkedin ads
Bing ads Google Analytics
Microsoft Advertising
facebook ads Twitter Ads
Adroll Youtube


When it comes to PPC management  we do our utmost possible to improve your return on investment. Our PPC team is highly trained and experienced. We don't just make blind tweek's we're business focused and data driven to insure you get the most from your campaign. Our primary aim is to understand what you want to achieve from your campaign whether is be awareness or conversions. All our clients have a dedicated PPC manager that handles their account right from the beginning ensuring the best understanding of your campaign. We have a number of different PPC managers all specialised in different demographics. At the current time
we provide PPC management in the UK, USA, UAE & Most parts of the middle east!



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