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An engaged crowd
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We're not trying to sell you another companies software unlike every other inbound agency!


What is Inbound Marketing?

& Why Invest in Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing also known as permission marketing is a method to sell products and/or services after obtaining advance consent e.g. people reaching out to you to sell to them thus giving consent. Instead of the traditional way of outbound marketing where you reach out to potential clients or in some cases complete strangers! Which usually means you end up spending handsome amounts of money filtering through people and often getting nowhere.

The strategy uses a range of platforms as mediums in order to attract the given target market such as: Social Media Networks, Blogs, Email Marketing, SEO, PPC & More!

The basic idea of Inbound marketing is you create content for your audience, who then engage with it by reading, commenting, calling etc you then connect with them and close the sale!

If you scroll down below we've made a few diagrams to help explain how it works and the different aspects involved in it!

So why invest is the big question! It's simple logic and probably the most effective method a person that is interested or is looking to buy your product or service will always be more likely to buy your product than a person not looking to buy your product.

But what about reaching people that don't know they need your product? The quality content created will spread like wildfire reaching people far and wide as well as that quality content eventually becomes a base for referrals. People who don't need your product or service will begin to refer it to their colleagues and friends if they deem it useful.

In this day and age digital mediums have become the primary method of marketing. What Inbound marketing does is makes use of those methods and creates sustainability. For example a client that engages with your content will learn more about other products or services which could convert into a sale e.g. through emails. Or If selling a one time service it opens the doors for them to come back to you when they need you!

 Apart from that you end up building consumer trust aswell!

So How does Inbound Marketing Work?


We create meaningful content and place it across various places for people to engage with.

Ever see that video or post everyones sharing?!


You handle the objections and close the sale!
Which  takes a lot less time when someone reaches out to you!

How Inbound marketing works


People who are interested in your business interact and engage with your content e.g. on social media commenting, sharing or filling out a contact form etc


You learn more about their needs and wants qualify them, answer their queries etc and then present your solution

Fundamentals of
Inbound Marketing!

Social Media

Consider it the 21'st centuries newspaper!

Also  80% of people check a business on social media before reaching out  to them !


Powerful content that educates your reader also  building consumer trust by showing them you know your business!


The long game which focuses on getting you to page 1 on search engines!

Ad's & PPC

Social Media Ad's and Search engine PPC!
The quick way to get to page 1 or in front of your audience instantly!

Building blocks of inbound marketing




Constantly engaging with clients keeps you in their memory! Just don't end up in their spam box! As well as that converting old clients is 20 x less costly than reaching new clients! Thus also more profitable!


An evolution of referral marketing! A person is 10x more likely to purchase or try a product or service if endorsed by a person they trust or follow!  

Landing Page

Consider it the digital version of a shop or an office! You want it to be attractive and easy for customers/clients to find what they're looking for!

An understated method. We now live in a material world which in turn means presentation is everything! Like you wouldn't wear rags to corporate meeting why wear them online?

So how does our service work?

Audience enaging with inbound content
  • You reach out to us! We arrange a free phone consultation at a time that suits you and we discuss the needs and wants of your business & present you with the best solution!
  • If you're happy with it and we go forward we begin with a deep audit of all your current inbound activities and present you with a report and target of where we want to be in 6 months and in 1 Year.
  • We then create a strategy and run it by you and to ensure you're happy with it and explain all our processes! And note down any limitations!
  • You can now sit back while we execute the strategy!
  • We do everything, no additional subscriptions or costs unless stated otherwise at the beginning! & Complete transparency.
  • All our work is conducted by experienced professionals in their fields and overseen by your personal campaign manager!

Why use us?

A reasonable, professional, creative and awesome inbound agency





At Auric Digital we provide a truly bespoke inbound marketing service tailored to your business needs!

We don't price you upon the size of your business or dreams, and nor do you pay us for hiring amateurs!

Professionals come at a cost!

And their experience add immense Value to your campaign!

We provide a beautiful work culture at Auric to enhance the creativity and efficiency of all our staff

everyone's mission is to make you campaign successful!

We're more than just a business that you trade with! We like to get to know our clients and
maintain a long lasting relationship where we can
see how we can develop new ways and technology
 to make business more efficient!


Apart from all that unlike every other inbound agency out there we don't charge you an extortionate on-boarding fee!
Nor are we re-selling you external software or services.
Everything is done in house and Any software we do use for the purpose of your campaign is
included in the price!

Packages & Pricing
for inbound marketing!




Social Media


2 x Monthly Blog


Monthly Email Marketing


Add Management


Monthly Reports










Social Media


4 x Monthly Blog's


Email Marketing


Influence Marketing


Landing Page Design


Add & PPC Management


Quarterly Design Update


Monthly Reports




Social Media


8 x Monthly Blog's


Email Marketing


Influence Marketing


Add & PPC Management


Landing Page Design


Monthly Social Design Update
& Promotional Design Work


Including Back-linking


Monthly Reports





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